VIP Voice & Video Mastery

3 Month 1:1 Tailor-Made Coaching Program to Master Your Public Speaking, Business Communication & Presentation Skills.

Who is this for?

If you are a leader in business, you need to speak and present like one. 

This comprehensive 12 week program is tailor-made to suit your business communication needs. Whether you need to give polished and professional presentations at work, script, shoot and edit new videos for your company or brand, or lead town hall Meetings with confidence, clarity and authority…

This program is for you:

     ✓ Vice Presidents

     ✓ CEO's

     ✓ CTO's Executives

     ✓ Board Directors

     ✓ Chairman

     ✓ Founders

     ✓ Corporate Leaders

     ✓ Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. 

What's Inside the Program


⚝ 12 Weeks of personalized zoom 1:1 mentoring sessions (60 mins per week)

⚝ Voice training, presentation skills for business, public speaker training for all audience sizes

⚝ Body language, stage craft and storytelling for business

⚝ On-camera performance training for building branded video content

⚝ Media and Interview Training on camera

⚝ Video Marketing Skills to grow your visibility and following on all social media platforms

YouTube Growth & Success Strategy for business owners: How to grow and monetize in record time


 Bonus Inclusions for VIP Clients

◐ Online home study program: The Voice of Confidence Public Speaker Training Course

◐ Masterclass Training Vault: Unlimited access to all Pre-recorded Masterclasses in the membership portal

◐ Unlimited Access to all Group Mentoring Sessions: Weekly classes held year round (free access to VIP’s)

◐ Unlimited Video feedback & support between sessions via WhatsApp & email

◐  12 Months access to our Monthly Membership Masterclasses: Q&A and Presentation Practice

◐  24/7 Feedback on your practice videos: Inside our Facebook Student Support Group


NOTE: Every VIP program is tailor-made to the individual’s business goals & needs.


➦  Confident Professional Public Speaking Skills for every platform

➦  Polished Presentation skills for business (with slides, or without)

➦  Keynote Speech Preparation for business conferences on stage

➦ Confident and Professional On-Camera presence for Video Marketing

➦  Complete Mastery over the vocal instrument for the sound of leadership

➦ Ability to think on one’s feet and speak extemporaneously with confidence in any situation


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Here's is What My Client Says!

Some of My VIP's Focus on the Following

✦ Presentation Skills 

✦ Voice work and Voice Training skills

✦ Keynote Speeches with and without PowerPoint

✦ YouTube growth and success

✦ On Camera Confidence and Skill for Business Owners

✦ Camera basics : What gear and tech you need to run your business to shoot professional looking video content

✦ Video Marketing to grow your business

✦ YouTube analytics to grow and monetize your content

✦ Video editing, video structure, videos for each platform 

✦ Writing scripts for video or keynote presentations

✦ Webinars, Sales Videos etc 

✦ Online Courses - How to build one from scratch. 

✦ Social Media Marketing for business using video content


Note: What we cover in the VIP sessions is tailor-made to YOU and your goals.

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Here are Some Video Testimonial from My Students

One of my personal specialties is helping business owners grow their business brand on camera leveraging the power of YouTube and social media.

I have grown my YT channel The Voice of Confidence TV this year from 36 subscribers (which I had for 5 years and did nothing with) to over 21,000 subscribers in just 12 months... organically. No ads. 

This is the fastest way to move your business forward and highly recommended. 

Most of my international clients find me through google and YouTube - which makes the journey to a sale much shorter! 

I am developing an intensive training for my VIP clients right now to show them a step by step system on how to copy this success. 

I look forward to seeing you reach your goals and will be here to support you every step of the way.


Yes! I Want VIP Now!

"Meet Elisa James!"

#1 Internationally Recognised High Performance Voice & Presentation Coach.

Elisa has presented and performed to over 100,000 people across 5 continents over the past 30 years.

She is know for her engaging, entertaining and practical presentations.

With clients including Dale Carnegie Coaches,  Tony Robbins Speakers, Get Motivated Events, USA,  Australian Government, Village Roadshow, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Fox News, Channel 7, Apple and Google Staff.... she has helped some of the world’s most successful speakers and leaders develop their Unique Vocal Brand.

In addition to featuring regularly as a guest speaker on podcasts and live events, Elisa is a familiar face on the international conference circuit having shared the stage with business speakers and entertainers in America, Europe and Australia for more than 30 years.

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