Change your Voice - Change your Life

What makes you sound the way you do?

Some people hate the sound of their own voice. If this sounds like you and you really want to make a change, then this course is for you!

Everything we have experienced in life affects the way we sound and influences our voice patterns, especially if there has been trauma, anxiety, tension and unhappiness in the past. This course is about analyzing your own sound, and identifying the underlying emotional elements that influence it.

It is time to become aware of the unconscious muscle patterns we have developed over time and to begin a new way of speaking. A better way of speaking, communicating and expressing ourselves - with ease, grace and confidence.

What you will Learn:

  • Discover how to analyze the negative affectations in your own voice and of those around you.
  • Identify the aspects of your voice which are aesthetically unpleasant, and recognize the emotional pattern behind it.
  • Recognize the cultural and familial conditioning that has impacted your vocal pattern.
  • Learn the vocal qualities needed to excel at your job.
  • Align your Company's Brand and Vision with the vocal presence and sound that it needs.
  • Discover the simple tricks that the pro's use to improve articulation.
  • Presentation tips for speakers and performers.
  • Learn the secret formula to great projection: "The Phonation Equation" TM.
  • Identify why you're inspired by a celebrity or speaker, and learn how to emulate them.
  • Learn easy tips for vocal maintenance.
  • Voice Tips for a healthy voice
  • Simple steps to step out of your shyness.

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